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StrataMGT® - the innovative gel for the management of vaginal conditions

StrataMGT is a non-hormonal and non-steroidal gel.

StrataMGT is a suitable alternative to vaginally administered estrogen and topical corticosteroids.17

StrataMGT relieves symptoms such as itchiness, tenderness, dryness, burning sensation, painful intercourse (dyspareunia), painful urination (dysuria), rectal and defecating pain. 

StrataMGT promotes a moist healing environment leading to faster re-epithelialization.

StrataMGT improves erythema, mucosal tissue thinning, erosions, fissures, ulcerations, carring/adhesions and swelling.17 

StrataMGT is indicated for long-term use to maintain the health of the vulvovaginal mucosa without the side effects of vaginally administered hormonal therapy and topical corticosteroids.18

FDA registered class I medical device

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Dr Philip Hall,

What doctors say about StrataMGT

“StrataMGT consists of advanced medical grade silicone polymers that are hydrophobic and semi-occlusive, allowing for the exchange of gases through the epithelium and reducing moisture loss.

StrataMGT provides hydration whilst protecting the epithelium and mucosa from irritants such as infection and friction. Clinical trials suggest StrataMGT provides resolution of symptoms without the need for constant potent topical steroid or hormonal preparations.”


Gynaecologist and Reconstructive Surgeon