StrataMGT is a suitable alternative treatment for women suffering from various highly symptomatic vaginal conditions

StrataMGT Clinical efficacy

1. Dr. Philip Edward Hall

Hall, P. (2024). Women‘s Health Reports, 5(1), 444-452.

A 52-women open-label, single-arm intervention study was conducted in St. Andrews War Memorial Hospital (Brisbane, Australia) to evaluate the efficacy and safety of StrataMGT for the management of genital skin conditions.
Patients were diagnosed with Vaginal atrophy (VA), mean age of 66.3 (range 50 - 74 years); Lichen Sclerosus (LS) and Lichen Simplex Chronicus (LSC), mean age of 54.7 (range 19 - 81 years).


The most significant improvements were seen during the first 6 weeks, where symptoms improved up to a 100% resolution for some patients. Favorable results were maintained over 2 years post start of the treatment.

Clinical effectiveness of StrataMGT - 1

• Severity of the condition: The investigator rated the visual severity of the condition using a 10-point scale ranging from 0=normal to 10=worst possible.

2. Dr. Philip Edward Hall

Poster presented on 22nd Annual Australasian Menopause Society Congress (2018).

Case series to test the efficacy of StrataMGT on patients presenting for treatment of chronic uncontrolled vulvovaginal conditions, such as Vaginal atrophy (VA) and Lichen Sclerosus (LS). Patients were followed up over 3 visits (V1-3), averaging 6 week intervals. Patients mean age of 53.5 (range 30 - 77 years).


The most significant improvement was seen for all patients within the first 6 weeks, where symptoms improved from 33% through to 100% resolution in some patients.

Clinical effectiveness of StrataMGT - 2

• Severity of the symptoms: Patients rated severity of the symptoms using a 10-point scale ranging from 0=normal to 10=worst possible.​

Clinical effectiveness of StrataMGT - 3

Patients rated the impact of vulvar conditions on QoL using Vulvar Quality of Life Index (VQLI) ranging from 0=not impacted, 1-15=mildly impacted, 16-30=moderately impacted, 31-45=severely impacted​

3. Dr. Marc Winter

Data on file, 2022. (Orange Coast Womens Medical Group, USA). Stratpharma AG.

A non-uncontrolled, open-label intervention study was conducted in Orange Coast Women‘s Medical Group (Laguna Hills, California, USA), to evaluate the efficacy and safety of StrataMGT and the improvement of patient‘s Quality of Life (QoL). All patients were postmenopausal, diagnosed with VA, and treated with StrataMGT for 2 months.


The most significant improvement was seen during the first month of treatment - the VQLI score was reduced by 54%.

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Stratpharma is currently recruiting for two clinical trials in the United States and the rest of the world:

VALOR clinical trial

Key objective: Case series to explore the efficacy of StrataMGT in the management of various mucosal skin conditions (Atrophic Vaginitis, Lichen Sclerosus, Lichen Simplex Chronicus, Lichen Planus) over 12 months (long-term).

Site: Multi-center

Clinical ID: NCT05953090

VITAL-E clinical trial

Key objective: To assess the efficacy of StrataMGT vs. topical estrogen in the management of atrophic vaginitis.

Site: Orange Coast Women's Medical Group (CA)

Clinical ID: NCT05672901

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